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I wanted into the hotel room holding a cherry popsicle in my hand,my lover looked at me with a question in his eyes. I laid down on the bed and lifted my skirt, opened the popsicle,and broke it in half. I brought one half to my mouth and sucked on it, letting the juices dribble down my chin.I then opened my legs and ran the popsicle over my clit and my pussy lips,gasping at the cold. My lovers eyes flared and he moved in closer to me, I slowly inserted the popsicle into my hot pussy ,the cold juices running into the crack of my ass. I moved it in and out,until my pussy lips were numb,then withdrew it and brought it to my mouth.I sucked the combination of my and the popsicle juices off the popsicle, I motioned my lover to come closer. With the popsicle still on my mouth I undid his pants and pulled his throbbing cock out. I took the popsicle out of my mouth and leaned over and took his cock in my cold mouth.He gasped and put his in hands in my hair , pushing my mouth further onto his cock. I alternted sucking on the popsicle and sucking on him until the popsicle was all gone. I then worked in earnest on his cock sucking the tip ,licking my way down to his balls ,sucking them in my mouth one by one. I could feel his sac begin to tighten and knew he was about to cum. I pulled my mouth off his cock and straddled him,taking him all the way in, in one motion. I stopped moving and just rocked with him in me, tightening and releasing my pussy muscles. I could feel hinm shudder under me as he began to cum, I tightened my pussy harder,milking him until he was laying under me spent on the bed.

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Carpe Diem

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fm two thumbs up and one leg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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You can do that to me any time! only difference is I would be laying there spent after.

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