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I walked to the door of my lovers apartment,before I could knock he answered the door wearing nothing but a robe.I could tell i was wearing way to many clothes.He towered above me,I had forgotten how tall he was,he leaned over as I stood on my tiptoes to kiss,the kiss deepened quickly into a dizzying dance of tongues and mouths.Feeling his hard cock .pressing against mne ,I reached down andcarressed it with my hand,barely being able to circle my hand around it.I moved my hand my hand up and down ,feeling his huge shaft harden and spasm.He was stripping my clothes off faster than I could think,withm hand still on his cock,I whispered into his mouth"bedroom??",his lips left mine and he led me to his bedroom.I sat on the bed in front of him and took his cock into my mouth,my mouth barely being able to take the tip in.I sucked and licked the hugs cock like a lollipop,my mouth moving up and down the shaft.He pulled his cock from my mouth and pushed me back on the bed,lifting my hips ,he psoitioned his cock at the entrance of my pussy.Slowely he entered me,filling me ntil I thought I couldn't take anymore.My pussy gripped him as he kept on entering until he was all the way in me.My hips were glued to his as I moved around adjusting myself to my size,he pulled out then plunged all the way in.I gasped and lifted my hips,giving him more penetration. My hips matching his,thrust for thrust,he pounded away at my soaking wet pussy.I could feel myself beginto cum and I begged him to fuck me harder.He gasped"where do u want it?",I murmered in reply"My pussy".His thrusts increased,taking me over the edge,my pussy spasming around his cock.With one final thrust he came,his cum splashing my insides,his moans filling the room.He collasped on top of me as I felt his cock shrink inside me.My pussy released his cock and he withdrew it,I laid back panting.looked at him and said"Next time,I 'm on top"

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Very hot, nothing like a nooner to get us through the rest of the day. And yes, ladies alway want the top, must be the sight of seeing a good man fucking up LOL have a great day D & S

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