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He rings my doorbell, I answer wearing nothing but a robe. He grabs me, pulls me in for a deep long kiss,threading his fingers through my hair. I break the kiss off,look him in the eyes and say"bedroom?"I take his hand and lead him to the bedroom,shut the door and take off my robe, I stand before him ,nude,my nipple rings glistening in the dim light. He reaches for me, I push him back on the bed and undo his pants,I reach inside and pull out his hard cock. My mouth watering I take it deeply into my mouth and suck gently, pulling it into my mouth, a groan comes from him and I know I have his full attention. I stop and pull his pants down further, I climb and impale my pussy on his hard cock,taking him all the way in. I moan and start rocking back and forth,my clit tinglingwith the friction. I move faster, he begins to pant,his hands kneading my breasts,I move even faster not being able to stop. He let out a long groan,"I'm cumming " he gasps, I smile and keep moveing. "Yessssssssssssssss"he moans, i feel him twitch inside me and i tighten my pussy muscles. He stops moving and I collapse on top of him.

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Sounds true, and fun!

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