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MY Turn

His hands roamed up and down my body,pinching my nipples,tickling my clit,teasing at my pussy lips.I reached up and kissed him,my tongue teasing at the inside of his lips,his mouth opened and his tongue reached out to flick at mine,I pulled back with a smile. He pushed my shoulders back so I was flat on the bed,moved down my body,and spread my legs wide.His tongue flicked at my clit causing me to gasp,the warmth speading through out my body.With his tongue working my clit,his fingers teased at my pussy lips.I opened my legs wider as his fingers entered my pussy,pushing in til he touched my g-spot.My hips bucked as waves of pleasure overtook my body,he pushed his fingers in and out,hitting my g-spot,with accuracy every time. His mouth came down on my clit sucking and rubbing it with his tongue. I came instantly,moaning and thrashing on the bed,he didn't stop.His fingers inside me massaged my g-spot, taking me into another orgasm.I screamed and begged him not to stop,my hips thrusting up, he worked another finger into my ass. Fucking me in both holes ,I thought I would die from sheer pleasure, I thrust my hips in rythem with his fingers, demanding more, he moved his fingers faster and harder, I exploded,screaming into the night air.I laid back a fine sheen of sweat covering my body,he moved up and kissed me, I coukd taste me on his lips....

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8/4/2006 7:36 am

Great mental images to enjoy. I could see it all happening. HOT to say the least.
Visit my blog. There is a post there that describes one of my favorite things to do orally. It is about making an oral experience special for a lady. I think you will enjoy it (at least I hope you do).
Have a great day and HAVE FUN!!!

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8/4/2006 1:56 pm

god woman if this man is for real... will you share him

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8/8/2006 7:41 am

Sweet as always baby!

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