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4/12/2006 5:50 am

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I walked into the used book store , looking for reading material for the next couple of weeks. I went straight to the sci-fi section to look for my favorite authors. The aisles were very narrow,so I had to stand real close to let people past. I was bending over looking at the bottom shelf when I felt someone brush against my ass, I moved ahead a little to let him pass,still looking at the books. The rubbing continued ,I stood up ,turned around,and was pleasantly surprised to see it was him. He looked into my eyes and smiled,he then took my hand and placed it on his crotch.I could feel his hard cock underneath the thin material of his pants. I rubbed his cock through his pants, tracing the outline with my fingers. he grabbed my hand and took me to the back of the store, into the theology section. Once we got there he pressed me into the shelves ,taking my mouth with his,pushing his tongue in, I sucked on his tongue , and nibbled on his lips. His hands reached down and under my skirt,pushed aside my panties,and rubbed at my clit. I undid his zipper and reached into his pants pulling out his throbbing cock ,moving my hand up and down on it ,reaching in and cupping his balls. I felt his fingers probe at the entrance of my pussy,I opened my legs wider to let them in. His fingers entered me as his thumb rubbed my clit, I moaned deep in my throat and moved my hands faster on his cock. His hands fell away from my pussy and he moved in closer to me, I put my one leg up on a shelf so he could enter me. His cock pushed its way inside me til he was buried to the hilt,I tilted my hips and squeezed his cock with my pussy muscles. My fingernails dug into his shoulders to keep my balance as he rammed in and out of me,fucking me harder and harder. My breath came in gasps as I felt myself begin to cum,his mouth covered mine to stifle my moans. he plunged in and out harder all the while holding my mouth with his.I could feel him begin to shudder as he poured his cum into my waiting pussy. He stopped moving and we stood there,my pussy tightening around his cock milking him of every last drop of cum. Slowly we untangled ourselves, I pressed a quick kiss on his cheek,and went back to my shopping.

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I bet it could be true I know people that this has happen to.... I not one but I had things that I didn't believe that could happen but it did. So I would say yes it happend and lucky you.

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I want to go shopping where you shop............... nice story, very inspiring, thanks for the stiffer

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oh hey, you're not takin about that nasty old guy from westgate books, are you? eeeeeeeeeeeewwww

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