06.Jul.05: Motto "Porno Casting" - Description  

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7/4/2005 9:59 pm

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06.Jul.05: Motto "Porno Casting" - Description

Go figure that you are want to be an actor in a porn video production and you must have the job!

You are lonesome in front of all the other tightened boys. We want to see a strip (ple
ase bring along your dearest CD!), we want to see your unerected(?) cock and we want to see how you make him harder and harder...

During your J/O session nobody else has to play with his or other cocks - it is strictly forbidden!

Then we want to see a perfect masturbation session and a big load, placed on the Round Table! A helping hand is only allowed for the final jerk off if you are too nervous to cum lonesome. But please remember - you MUST have the job!

After your great load the next boy has to do his job - enjoy it, because you need your next load for the following freestyle session!

Crabby? I'm afraid that I'm very high-strung. But never fear - I will be the first table dancer and the first boy on show!

Please send me a short message if you are interessted to to take part in this party. I will send your more info (phone no., address) as soon as possible.

CU... Luemmel

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