Hmmm.. I love that ass of your's  

rm_Ezekiel2061 55M
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6/18/2006 2:28 pm
Hmmm.. I love that ass of your's know I miss that cute ass of your's. I love it when i would rub my hand gently across you ass. You would raise it and i would lick my finger and slowly slide into your wet pussy.hmmm you grind that ass of deep. I feel deep inside of you.....

I lovbed would i would give you a rim job, working my way to your sweet tasting pussy...hmmm sliding my tonouge into your ass. (hmmm i'm wet-n-hard, licking my re-cum)...I take my hard cock and slap it up against your ass...i take your cheeks and spread them, you raise your ass up backing into my cock, slamiing hard against my cock .hmmm I grab your hip with one arm and and my other holding my cock as i slide into you wet pussy deep, you cry out "Fuck me! fuck me hard". I take both of your hips and ride you ass hard, my cock fucking you deep-n-hard...
i grab your hair, it is wet from your hot sweat..i lean over pull your hair back and sink my teeth into the back of your neck ( yes i remember, you like it like that ..i feel your pussy pulsating, i feel you body qiver and shake, my cock feels warm-n-wet, your cumming..hmmmm cum girl, cum hard as i fuck you and drive my hard cock deep into that hot pussy...yeah girl fuck me , fuck me hard....hmmm i feel my cock swell ..i pull it out and place it in the crack off your ass and cum all over you...hmmm right in your crack...hmmm i rub my cock ovet that tattoo that turns my on so much....oh my goddess!.....when i was done cumming over that nice ass of yours, i proceeded lick every drop off your sweet ass girl.....good night*

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