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8/11/2005 9:17 am

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uy, uy, uyyy

Hola de nuevo ! Estaba yo aqui pensando que lo mismo no he entrado con muy buen pie. De hecho, ni siquiera se si alguien habrá leido o leerá este espacio. Empiezo a sentir la sensacion de que cada cual tiene ya su grupo mas o menos definido, y que puede resultar muy dificil entrar en el. Ojalá me equivoque. Ya vivi eso mismo una vez en la vida real y, la verdad, no es para desearlo a nadie.

Pero bueno, como soy Tauro, y por ello, un tanto cabezota, pienso que se trata mas bien de mi impaciencia y que debe ser cuestion de dar un poquito de tiempo al tiempo. Al menos, eso espero.

De momento, eso es todo. Hasta pronto !!

PD ( y, como buen novato, acabo de darme cuenta mientras escribia estas lineas de que si he sido leido, aunque no haya recibido comentarios. Pero bueno, siempre viene bien equivocarse para aprender, no ? )

Si la vida son 4 va a sobrar cantidad de hipoteca
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5/1/2007 6:53 am

I went to the church for confession one day and upon entering the booth I got on my knees and started to confess to the priest that I had made love to a man as I was telling my story to the priest about my male to male experience I started to get excited and started to rub my cock and found my self stroking my tool in the box, as I was stroking I was still telling my story and I noticed the priest in the shadows of the box and he had his tool out also and was masterbating also, that got me more excited till I ejaculated in my underwear and I saw in the shadows that he masterbated also with a slight moan, then he said lets go to the rectory living room and talk over a glass of wine, we went in and I didn't leave for a long time and had a smile on my face

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5/1/2007 9:55 am

It was around 7pm I had just got out of the tub from taking a bubble bath. As I was rubbing lotion on my smooth skin I noticed a light flashing from my neighbors window. When I leaned close to the window my nipples became hard from the cold glass in the window pane.I saw my neighbors through their bedroom window.Jill had on a red teddy,it was so short I could see half of her perfectly tanned ass.Mike was naked, his shoulders and back looked so defined like he had been working out for years.I wanted Mike to turn around so I could see his penis. As soon as he moved my veiw was blocked from Jill's head.Jill was giving him oral I wanted to turn away, but I couldn't. Mike was holding her head to his penis with one hand and rubbing her ass with the other.Jill's head was bobbining up and down so fast I wanted to tell her to slow down.I didn't want him to cum,I was enjoying the show.I licked my finger and placed it on my breast and made small circles around my hard nipples.Looking at Jill made my mouth water,I imagined having a stiff cock in my mouth sucking, licking, and running my tongue across some soft nuts.Mike pulled Jill up and turned her around.Jill was bent over the bed ass in the air.Mike was eating her pusy from the back.He spread her ass checks apart and placed his finger in her ass. I was so turned on I began to rub my clit.Then licked my two fingers and placed them in my warm pussy.I started moving my hips,grinding my wet pussy on my two fingers. I could hear my pussy making sounds from being so wet.I leaned my head back and closed my eyes I could feel the pressure.I was about to cum and it was going to be a long and strong one.I made noises I haven't heard for years.As I caught my breathe I opened my eyes and looked back at my neighbors window.They were standing by the window looking back at me.I was wondering how long were they watching me.My face was bright red from embarassment and from cumming so hard.Mike smiled and waved.I watched Jill pick up the phone.Loud ringing was echoing my bedroom.I picked up my phone it was Jill.She told me that I could get a better veiw if I came over. I giggled and threw on my robe and quickly came over.I had the time of my life.

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