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Portal to Erotic Realms

This is Gaylen and this will be mostly my blog, although Carme might add an entry if she feels the urge. Our lives are a complex web of diverse eroticism, philosophy, spirituality, and adventure-seeking, tempered for the moment by unfortunate economic hardships (Translation: We’re over-educated, underpaid, and horny as hell.) Quick note: some of you may have witnessed my moment of insanity when I posted this introductory blog to the AdultFriendFinder Magazine rather than here the blog section, cuz after I typed all this, I couldn’t find the fricken page to post blogs! As my wife knows all too well, I’m silly sometimes.)

This period of my life is dominated by four major elements: 1) School 2) Work 3) Sex/Social life 4) Home construction. Obviously in this AdultFriendFinder blog I will focus on the sex/social life cuz I know ya’ll wanna whack off to some juicy details. But just to provide a bit of context, I will devote a few very brief sentences to the other elements.

School: I am a graduate student in philosophy, with a special interest in philosophy of mind, which means I also study a lot of psychology, neuroscience, artificial intelligence research, quantum physics, cellular automata, and generally anything related to cognitive science. I’m also deeply interested in philosophy of sex and spirituality, so you may see a bit of those influences in my blogging.

Work: sucks.

Home construction: Mostly fun, but too time-consuming and expensive. We are doing it all ourselves, although one of our sexy friends has assigned a catch-phrase: The House that Eroticism Built! This will make more sense to ya’ll once I explain why I put sex/social life together in the same category.

And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for: If you’ve seen our profile, you know that Carme and I are not monogamous. We are swingers, and we are open to polyamory (i.e., not afraid of falling in love with our playmates, if the chemistry happens to work out that way). Carme is practically a nymphomaniac, and we are open to swinging separately, so if you know anything about sexy women on the internet, you can easily understand how she gets about 20 times more sex than I do.

But as readers of this blog, probably the most important thing you need to know is that we are owners of a very large, active, and popular adult group in NE Ohio. I won’t tell you the name of the group cuz AdultFriendFinder might count that as spam or something, but let’s just say that Carme and I are well-known by over a thousand sexually adventurous people in Ohio, and another thousand or so scattered around the world. I’ve had essays and stories on the internet for over five years, and seem to have a lot of readers there. My writings on sex and sexuality have been translated into other languages, used in classrooms, and who knows what else. I get lots of mail from couples seeking advice on how to move beyond monogamy, not to mention people asking how to introduce the idea of non-monogamy to their unsuspecting spouse. I SHOULD be making more money as a writer, but whenever it comes to doing what I need to do to turn myself into a money-making machine, I completely fall apart - I am a total idiot - I am the poster child for procrastination, sloth, and gross incompetence. When it comes to making money or advancing in a career (yeah, as if I even have a career to advance) I do EVERYTHING wrong. Hence I wallow as a flunky in a mundane office job and can barely pay our bills. From where I am, I would aspire toward greatness just advancing to the rank of peon.

But when it come to erotic living, I’m on the cutting edge. You might say I’m the Santa Clause of Sex. Ok, I’m not fat, I seldom wear red, and I have no reindeer, so I’m probably stretching that metaphor a bit, but I do, so to speak, keep track of who’s naughty and nice. Of course in my world it’s the naughty ones who get the most treats!
Those of you who know me can rest assured that I always respect confidentiality. I won’t give real names, and I will be twisting facts just enough to protect the privacy of all concerned. But my goal is to bare my soul a bit, and along the way shed some light on what it is like to be me.

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