I Finally Got to Meet Felicia!  

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5/3/2005 6:06 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

I Finally Got to Meet Felicia!

I finally got to meet Felicia! [last name deleted] And what a sweetheart she is! Ok, so now I have a total crush on her Felicia is a well-known porn star and member of my group. She was born in Ohio and comes back here several times a year, but she is usually down in the southern part of the state. I've wanted to meet her, so when she suddenly announced that she was going to be a featured guest at the Karnival I made sure to go see her. Karnival is a science fiction & horror convention. In addition to porn, Felicia has also appeared in some horror movies, which is why she was invited to the Karnival.

Here's the story:

I arrived at the Karnival around 8pm. The event was supposed to go until 2am, but they were already winding down, so it only cost me $3 to get in. Many of the guests were packing up to leave. I found Felica deep in conversation with the actor who played "Nog" in the Star Trek Deep Space Nine series. Felicia was beautiful, of course, with a low-cut top that made me immediately want to bury my face in her wonderful cleavage ‒ obviously an urge I had to resist. But what really impressed me was how warm and friendly she was. She knew me instantly and introduced me to her manager, who promptly took a Polaroid photo of Felicia and I together. Felicia was so easy to be with that I felt immediately comfortable with her ‒ although I was still somewhat star-struck and got a bit tongued-tied. I was wishing my wife was with me cuz she is really good as smoothing over those awkward spots when I find myself speechless. We talked about the Sensuality Fair. Now more than ever I am hoping she will come to the fair. She seemed pretty interested and said she is free May 21, so who knows what might happen. Before I left, her manager gave me a video. I'd like to get a few more before the fair and have them playing in one of the rooms.

I also met some other sexy horror film stars ("Slavez of Horror Land", "Creepy Clips", "Goth Girls"). These are some beautiful and wonderful gals as well, and it turns out that they live here in NE Ohio! And guess what? I'm pretty sure they will be coming to the fair! Their movies are in the genre of "erotic horror"...hmmm…I sure liked their outfits They are associated with a movie-making company located here in NE Ohio.
I'm thinking it might be fun to audition for some minor role in one of their movies. Of course I have no talent as an actor, but I'd love to get bit by some sexy female vampire...

So that's how I spent my Saturday night.


SirMounts 102M

5/8/2006 1:33 am

Good times, and good blog, EroticOhio.

grumpy1039 56M
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8/25/2006 11:14 am

sounds like a great way to spend a saturday night! enjoyed reading your blogs.

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