Women Treat Other Women Worse Than Man  

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7/13/2006 3:17 pm

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Women Treat Other Women Worse Than Man

I received a video clip of a scene when 3 young women rounded on another woman. The three of them were slapping, pushing , kicking her, pulling her hair and what ohter thing you can imagine.

What a cowardly act - 3 against one . The poorer girl just cowered under the treatment given out to her. Cringin and folding her arms and legs.

I did not finish watching the clip becaus it was just disgusting!

All 4 bitches ( unless the video cam is a guy ) deserved to be whipped against the wall 50 times.

This clip reminded me of women who treat their maids like slaves. Worse than slaves. Punching bags and experimental animals!
Reports over the years reveal a very disturbing nature of women. Women treat other women worse than men treat women.

What's with these psychotic women?

Jealousy could be one of them. Dun get a maid prettier than the woman of the house.
Other reasons I can't think of.

I just shake my head as I think about this.

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7/13/2006 4:09 pm

You're right! I was just reading an article about a well-known supermodel (we all know who she is!) who HIT her maid with a cell phone because a pair of jeans went missing. Before she even went to court, she was charged with hitting the NEW maid for the same reason!

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7/13/2006 4:26 pm

And you think men act any differently??? Over here anyway I see so many bunches of guys picking on one poor dude, king hitting him, kicking him when he`s down, smacking him one when his back is turned, shouldering up at the last minute in front of their mates to keep their ego. Men can be just as gutless and bitchy.

Seems to me we have the sexes mixed in both, women who act like they have a set of balls and guys who act like little bitches. Works both ways.

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