Women Bitch About Each Other  

rm_Eric0072005 51M
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8/15/2006 4:13 pm
Women Bitch About Each Other

What is it asbout women that leads them to bitch about each other?
That leads them to break up relationships that seemed close once.

I was waiting for my ferry from Bintan Terminal to Singapore when I overheard two women having an arguement. One of them was pleading for the other to listen while the other told her she was not listening! Ask her to go away from her and to sit far away from her. This went on largely noticed by the majority of the pasengers but I noticed it. Accoring to the flow of the conversation ( sorry I could not help eavesdropping )it appears they are friends but something happend to aroused the fury of one.

Recently, my First told me how she was moving out from staying with M. I treated both M and my First to lunch about 2 months ago. During that lunch, the two of them seemed so close, smiling and laughing, chatting as they ate. But now they have split. My First told me M did not bother to wait for her to go to work together. Huh ?
Is that the only reason I wonder. Yah. I know. One thing leads to another and so on. And they are now no more on friendly terms.

Then there was another woman, Bee, at her work place - a massage center - who accused her of seducing her man. OMG! Straight from a movie.
My First said that Bee should look at herself in the mirror before saying such things which was outrageous. Well.. Bee looked really old compared to my First. That is a man's perspective. I am a normal man who likes beautiful woman ... so I think I am right when I say Bee looks old.

I guess this part is true. That man dun care about sticking to one woman. Do you think men really wants to pair up with one woman ? Generally speaking `No way' except for a faithful group which gets married and strange pple like me who is just contented with my First. Men want to play around esp in a place like this. They want to try new girls to borrow a phrase from sbf.( another sex site)

Anyway why do women bitch over `small things' - as far as I see them to be? I do believe this is true from the many years of encounter and thro articles I read about this.

I tell you what. Even though my First says she won't be affected if I saw other women. I believe in her heart and emotions, she will scream in fury if such a thing happens. It is normal , proper to feel this way and human. Just dun be nerotic and imagine things. Especially since I have been seeing her almost weekly.

If I do other women, this will defintiely be kept from her. I want to keep her friendship. Tough enough as it is. Anyway I am not a philandering man as far as I am aware after experimenting these past one and a half year.

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