Why I like to look at a woman  

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5/20/2006 4:06 pm

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Why I like to look at a woman

Because I am a man.
Because she is a woman - a magnet that attracts my EYES. She is a beautiful creature.

Because she brushes her hair back when I walk by.

Because her eyes sparkles as I look.

Because she looks me back,then away but the
side of her eyes show that she noticed me.

Because she shows a lot of cleavage when she dresses. ( Because she bends over time and time again. What the HELL ! )

Because of her breasts. ( Beautiful breasts. So soft, firm and succulent. )

Because she shows a lot of leg as she walks or sits. (Long legs, thick thighs, smooth thighs attract! )

Because of her swaying hips - from side to side. ( By the way, this is a natural walking motion for women and they can't help it. Their hips are binded from back to front. But at times, some women exaggerate the gyration ! )

Because she is shapely. Hour glass, pear shape - who cares !

Because of her ass. ( well rounded buttocks are ... sigh ! )

Because she stirs strange desires in me. Not just in my loins. That is why.

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