What Self-Esteem Means To Me - Part 3  

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9/1/2006 4:20 am

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What Self-Esteem Means To Me - Part 3

In 3 short write-ups, I hope to be able to help thoise who have low self-esteem to find their feet afresh in life.

Why ?
Because I came from there. I was a person of poor self-esteem. Not that everything is entirely alright now. I see life as a journey where each person must learn. One of the most important things in life is to learn and to embrace one's self-worth.

Write down your good points - small or big, significant or insignificant.

Without a proper sense of self-worth, it is difficult to go through life. As mentioned in my first and second posts on WSEMTM - a person with low self-esteem will always put himself down or be put down by unfavorable comments of others.
Life is terrrible in such a state.

I re-itreate the point that our present self-eteem is often the result of our growing years. The influence is either from parents, unlce,aunts or teachers. They play such a powerful role in shapeing our thinking and self -worth. Many, I feel, fail to see that today's cold and unloving parents do a lot of psychological damage to their children.

Some things are never set in stone - in this case one's poor perception of self. No person is worthless. Each one must discover that worth for themselves. Every single human has his important value in society.

We have to find this good within our lives.

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