What Self-Esteem Means To Me - Part 2  

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8/29/2006 11:15 pm

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What Self-Esteem Means To Me - Part 2

I grew up with a low Self-Esteem. This led to many times of hurt as I believe poor Self-Esteem is connected closely with a sensitive nature.

Thus I was often hurt because I took every comment and remarks aimed at me with great seriousness even though in reflection it may not have been intended to be nasty.

Early this year, I somehow evolved to a more proper level of self-etseem. That is I am able to appreciate my good points as well as the bad.

In the recent incident, I was assessed by my superiors and there were 3 of them. One of them started with these words `I find you irresponsible, indiscipline and you have no rapport with the men under you.'

Woahhhh ...
To hear this on a one-on-one basis may be something manageable. But to hear this said out loud in front of the other two senior bosses created a minor tremor of sorts within me. As the words filtered into my mind, I felt a peace that was, to me, surprising.
I opposed the statements in a gentlemen manner as I felt all were utter rubbish. I didn't want to create a scene in front of the two senior bosses.

This scene is left an indelible mark in my mind. My response of calmness and peace made me think that I have moved on , in the sense of breaking free from a sense of low self-worth for many many years.

If I was still the `old person', I would have cringe visibly in front of them all, and the emotions would have been very difficult. I would have been anxious about over what was said. `Where did I go wrong?'. But this time I knew what was said was crap and I didn't buckle under the nonsense.

Building one's self-esteem is important for a functional approach to handling live's challenges. With a healthy self-esteem, one can draw strength from oneself whatever the situation. You know your strengths. You know your weaknesses. Whereas one with a poor self-image is easily negative whatever circumstances and even in favorable situation.

Hope this helps.

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