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Stressed me today she did
Or was it my fault that I let my emotions lead ?

She wanted this phone N8800
I tried to get for her today before we meet
Alas I walked up and down, round and round
Each shop tells me `It's out of stock'
Or `You've got to order. It'll be a day.'
So how ?

Her birthday is next week but she's going home
Leaving this place for about 10 days.
My hope is to give her the gift before she leaves.
But agitation overtook me as a blank wall I meet.

AT last she calls and ask me how ?
I was too upset no progress I made anyhow.
The tone of irritation came through
She didn't believe me `It can't be true.'
That I couldn't find her that N88.

For Pete's sake
What's so great about that phone, my mate ?
Still she insists she wants it
As the time dragged this evening
And I was running late.

Stupid ! Clown !
Making me run round and round.
The more I thought
The more frustrated I became
And anger rose up through the phone exchange.

Somehow I thought she will cut me off
As I allowed my anger to show through each call.
Then I made a few sms from kindness and calmness restored.
Why don't you choose another phone ?
It's obvious that this one is out of stock
Or hard to get for you this day.

At last about half past 8
SHe told me that an arrangemnt she had made
To collect the phone tomorrow
If I will at 4 pm be at CP state.

What had seemed to be explodng then
The anger somehow from me dissipate
And I could hear her voice calm
No more one of annoyance from my mate.

All for a handphone
I thought of it and shook my head.
For lesser things relationships have soured
Men and women each other have grown to hate.

At least one side must let go
Let the anger pass on and away flow
Be more patient, more self-controlled
The situation can be mended easily so.

Man must take the lead
Although it is true the woman cannot shirk off her responsibility to the relationship too.

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