Trapped within  

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5/24/2006 10:37 pm

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Trapped within

Dedicated to those disabled - intellectually or physically. Not able to function as the normal person on the street.

Here I am within
Looking out of a shell at others
Who move and talk with ease
While I struggle with frustration
To express the self within.

I cannot make a sound
Or the word that can be heard.
And others do not understand
The torture they do not comprehend.

For time and time since birth
I have tried as I came alive
And then I realised I cannot write
The hand refused to move as I wanted it to.

I hate being carried around
I see pain in the faces of those I love
Yet such love and patience shown
And I cried some more within my soul.
I believe they suffer tenfold.

WHY ? I asked and shouted this word
As awareness gave birth
WHY ME ? that I should be like this
What sin have I done and commit ?
That I should be like this.

Endless tears flow now and then
As solitude became a part of me
Loneliness paving the way to worthless thoughts
That ate away the person within.

But someone came along
Among that many I know
Gave me acceptance and with it hope.
Treated me normal as a friend would.
B'cos of him I'm glad this phase has passed
Let us move out onward fast.

Some meaning I must find
I know that it is out there
That I am born such as this
Yet for a reason and a purpose ...
And not just trapped ... within.

25 May 06

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