The Abyss - Escape  

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8/2/2006 10:54 am

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The Abyss - Escape

I met Doctor Goodness. He was strange. In spite of my trapped state in the abyss, I remembered that I could still observe, think, reason. This became clearer to me as I started on medication.

Thankfully I could sleep soundly during this period which surprised and delighted the good doctor. I had no nightmares. I had no dreams. When I slept I slept.
But I wish that I wouldn't wake up to another day. Each time I woke up, I started out in cold sweat. I was high strung. I did not want to go to work. It was a daily struggle to step out of the house. I waited until the last possible minute.

Each day was like this - back from work, buy dinner, switch on the TV and watch till around 10pm. Go to sleep. Nothing changed for me. It was a routine but I took my pills.

I started running again after 5 months. I sweated behind the knees which was abnormal.
I was not fit. It had been almost 9 months from January where it all started and I was in poor physical fitness. However my sound physical health due to years of exercise helped me through the time.

I began to feel less negative. I began to be more of myself. More stable in my emotions. The food became tasty again. I joked. I laughed again. I began to swim in earnest and ran more freely ... without anxious feelings at the back of my mind.

Gradually I had recovered from the abyss. I had escaped the darkness that had enveloped me.

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