Stress caused by ....  

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7/13/2006 8:09 am

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Stress caused by ....

I was on my way home after an enjoyable night class when the h/phone rang...
`Where are you ? The whole world's looking for you! Do u know?'

`Darn! What's happened this time?' I thought to myself.

As I listened to that irritating voice
Whom I knew as one who exaggerates and makes a lot of noise,
I automatically reached for control
Over my emotions as the annoyance arose.

`Darn him!' As I heard his voice. `What are the details? What is the issue?' He cannot respond that annoying voice.

Stress is casued by annoying people like this
He makes people's heart skip
Jump without a beat
Later when the whole issue is known
You want to bash him in
And put him in a bin
For making a mountain
Out of an anthill again.

Let not people's excited cry that carries panic, horror or exaggerated noise
Bring onw to a sate of distress
They take away a few more moments of your life
And the hours of your existence has been reduced It's less.

I seek peace as part of life
Let nothing disturb the peace within
Especially not that tone
That irritating voice on the handphone.

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