Sex Acts Played On Screen  

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8/11/2006 3:41 pm

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Sex Acts Played On Screen

I think they really do it.

Those actors and actreses. They really do it and the men defintiely enjoyed it but dun know about the women. But money for women is the most important thing - for a time.

So what does it matter to a woman having a handsome actor stick his rod up her ? She is paid fro the sex act in a potential Oscar winning film.

I saw clips from Basic Instinct, Monster Ball and Orignal Sin. They seem to enjoy it. I am sure M. Douglas, Billy Thornton, and Banderous enjoyed making out with Sharon Stone, Halle Berry and Angeline Jolie respectively. Very enjoyable sticking their pipe up a beautiful woman.

Indeed whatever they may say about `Acting love scenes is the most difficult part to do in any film.' HA! I dun believe one word they say. At least from the man's side.

Wonder they use any protection? Or they just shoot their seed inside the actresses. Why?Because the women have taken all precaution like swallowing the pill and applying spermicide.

Nice to get paid to have sex on screen.
They say `It was just acting.'
Hmmm .... bet you the men dun mind playing the part anytime...for free.

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