Pain 3  

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Pain 3

Pain ... deep within
Each one goes through

- Pain in the heart of a unloved wife due to his philandering husband who shirks the responsibility of loving his wife after marriage.

- Pain within one whose love is rejected after a time together with the other. She just disappeared and left me standing.
No note, no last words, no reasons given. These last points would be helpful to close a chapter in one's life but how many are wise or matured enough to do such things?

- Pain of a loss that all will suffer. The loss of a friend, a loved one, a kin. That is unless we really dun give a damn about relationships. Then we are lost. We need help to be human again.

- Pain in relationship is be the greatest pain. A pain that is normal and healthy. Not the pain over a house burned down, a bike stolen, money lost or a car smashed by some drunken driver.

- Pain ... unseen. The one who suffers knows and is alone. There is succour if someone is near. That someone who cares and hears. Sharing one's pain will relieve the depth of the pain.

This is the way to healing. Because it is unseen, the one sufering must verbalise and share. Or else no one can really know the pain.

Learn to share your pain
And then let go...

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