Not Parting for now.  

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6/15/2006 8:19 am

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Not Parting for now.

Alas, I succumb to that loneliness I feel.

When she replied yesterday that she was back, I made tha appointment to see her. Today I made love to her again ! I missed her so and the love-making was intense in more ways than one. It was 14 days of pent up energy discharged!

I must stop doing it ! SHE IS NOT MY WIFE!

When I hesitated to pay at the counter - personally - for her services, she mocked me gently saying, `You don't dare to go to the counter to pay for my service, yet you dare to make love to me.'

These words made me think. They awakened me to the danger of this act.

This night at 11pm, I sms to her the following `I don't want to make love to you anymore. Don't tempt me anymore. Don't ask me anymore whether I want to make love or not!'
But somehow I know that she must be smiling at my sms. It's like a helpless boy telling a Lioness don't tempt him when he chooses to go to the `Lioness's Den'.

I learnt through this past one year that I enjoy making love with my First. Because there is Chemistry. Whether it is make believe or not, it doesn't matter. There is something there. Most important is that we banter during our time together.

Lonely as Hell.
Eric the Nerd.

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