No one knows my pain  

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5/26/2006 6:23 pm

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No one knows my pain

Do you know my pain ?
Do you know what I do gives me shame ?
Unless you can provide for me
I see there is no other way.

Since 18 years I've played this game
I want to live my life sane
Happy as others well to do
Buying things freely and shopping too.

Never completed my high school
Couldn't study don't you see
My family - three - needs me
I'm the eldest that's my plea.

Don't judge me if you care for me
You can't give me the answer I can see
Don't judge me with your eyes
Don't look at me and sigh.

You've come here for a purpose
But I want more from you
So that I can have enough
To be like others in the street
Normal people who enjoy their lives.
I am entitled to happiness too.

I like you but I can't say
You never get involved there's no other way
But for a time while you are here
Something good for me appeared.

Dare I ask for more from you
Many I know will say `You'll a fool !'
To do what you do wasting your life away
But I ask of you `Stay.'

Now there is plan to buy a house
Where now my family have a temporary roof
I've earn enough and yet somewhat
There's never enough to buy this house.

`YOu're rich !' I know through what I've seen
Maybe not that rich but richer than me.
I have my pride don't blame me `No.'
There's so much of my heart I want to show.

I wish that circumstances here
Are different when I met you dear
But it is not. It may never be
It's now today I face
And there is no other way.

I only think of the coming year
A better life for my brother, sister and mother
My life means little now if people knew
I get no respect for what I do
Why should I ?

Why should this be ?
No point thinking about this it's plain to see
I've thought about this many times
This is the smartest way to be.

It brings bread to my table
And something more for my family - three
And if you think it long and through
I know you'll understand my circumstances too.

`You'll a Fool' to come to me
`A Fool !' indeed to come near me
Please don't leave I plead
There's no man concerned and sees.

No man have cared until you came
They all just use me as they please
Look into my eyes they say to you
`Don't leave me soon. Don't leave me.'

27th May
0920 hrs
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