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6/18/2006 6:06 am

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I have been naive
My early days I have known this to be
Bu somehow it never struck this head
My naivity has brought me many a heartache.

Yet in looking at the past
This state has protected me thus.
When met by a gay at the swimming pool
He touched me and yet I was still
Till today I am confounded until
I realised what saved me was my naive state sealed.

I didn't know what he did was bad
I didn't know that he was evil it's sad
But I was protected in mind all through
It never got beyond the swimming pool.
So I must be thankful thus for this state.

On the other hand this naivity has let me be
Cheated some of my hard earned cash
When a girl at that time sold me a Thai Lanaguage set
She spoke so well of me and all that crap
And when the deal was done I felt something amiss
It was that attitude, that approach by that Miss.

My naive state have led me to her
I thought I could do something more
But now I realise somehow it can't be done
No pity, no love, it's all for fun
And money she earns is just that for her fun.

No. In this case I feel no regrets
It's one year now I did said that
I will review my situation with her
It is true these feelings of mine must be severed
Because it is not a viable state
Of affairs to be continued on till date.

Naive I am along this path
Good and bad it goes many ways
And learning the reality of life is hard
I'm hurt many a times it's been my mark.

Too simple minded in a complicated world
Of devious men and seductive women
Yet still I can carry on
Because I know I'm wiser I've grown strong
Yet still holding that naivity state
It's hard to change something ingrained
Even till date.


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