My Thoughts on Sex  

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8/25/2006 2:40 pm

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My Thoughts on Sex

I have ben a virgin for 40 over years. I broke it last year with my First, a Masseuse. Till today I am still seeing this girl and bonking her.

Sex isn't the excitng thing I thought it would be. But it is true that it can be intense for me if I abstain for a significant period of time.
But to release every week is a bit too much as my drive have, I believe, been channelled to other areas like sports.

The last time we did it, she was grinding on top of me but I was acting out pleasure. Then licking me below and in the finale, we did the missionary. It was not as intense as I hope for.

Anyway now I just want to get on with life. To focus on the physical pleasure of sex is missing the point. That is why I believe that men seeking for the pleasure of the flesh will never find lasting fulfillment. More so if they are hopping from one woman to another. Chasing the climax of sex is grasping the wind. It comes and it goes. It will never stay no matter how long you wish for it to stay.

Sex to me now is just lying with my first, cuddling her, kissing her ears, touching her nose, licking her nipples, squeezing her breasts. The entry of the penis is not the focal point although it should end up in a woman's cave and not her mouth. The focal point for me is making my First happy, making her feel wanted, re-affriming her worth in my eyes, making her feel good with me around.

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