My Bintan Trip - Day 1  

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8/8/2006 2:13 pm

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My Bintan Trip - Day 1

My first trip to Bintan.

I am not a travelling man but sometimes staying too long in one's country and work makes you kind of tired. It was one of those periods in your life when you want to get away from it all - for a while. Looking back I think, for myself, 3 days 2 nights would be just perfect. 4 days is really too long to stay at a Beach Resort for which I just want to switch off, listen to nature, the splashing of the waves thro out my stay.

Left at 8 am from sg. Arrived in 55 minutes via a Powercraft. Another 10 minutes from the Terminal, I was at Mana (X 2) Resort. Journey made me tired ... as usual. The sun was at full strength. Booked in and slept for an hour.

After a normal lunch at the restaurant, met Muss, a local who told me about the Water Sports available. Jetski, canoeing, windsurfing, boat trip etc ... I guess it is the usual stuff you find at most resorts. But for this area, Mana2 Resort was the place that provided Sea Sports.

Too hot! as I hanged around the Registeration Counter. The cute lady, Linda, was hassled by the large number of bookings. Among the many Bikinied women around, 4 young short and busty Jap girls went for the Banana Ride. It was a giant raft designed as a twin Banana. At least 4 adults can be seated on both `Bananas.' Yup. The local guy towing the raft was having fun with the squealing Jap girls with their bouncy breasts.

Around 4 pm, I was at the helm of a Jetski. It was James Bond again at the cinema! Rode along a fixed route for half an hour. Got bored after 20 min. Not enough splashing along the way. I thot it was going to be wet but you actually can come out quite dry. I only got wet when I hopped down from the Ski near shore. Went up to my waist level.

Evening time, went for dinner. Sorry that the food is not up to my standard. Expected better. But got to know another local - Irtam -waiting on tables - during meal. He was 30plus.

He shared with me about the place. Told me that it's a happening place if you are daring with the tourist who travel alone. The chance is always there. I nearly choke on my food. Cough cough .. er ... I thot `I just can't imagine ONS with strangers even those gorgeous Japs I saw. Not me.'You never hear of those who caught AIDs after a ONS? They jus fade away.

Later I took the local bus to Pasa Oleh Oleh - a Cultural Center where there were eating places. Aiyah ... why ? I should have eaten here. But I went for a Massage Package costing $45 fro 75 min. Thankfully a sweet young girl was assigned to me.

The Massage was superb! I must say after the Jetski ride I didn't realise that my arms and legs were stressed. It was a Class A Massage. I should know. I have gone for massages for over a year now. A Class A plus Massage.

Bumped into a Chinese speaking guy at the counter where I paid for my Massage. Got to learn that the locals disrupt their studies for 6 months to work as a trainee. They gain experience at Resorts before returning to study. It 's part of the school system. No wonder I saw some really young ones waiting on tables.

Reached Mana around 11 pm via bus. Good progress thus far. Did what I did. Got what I wanted. Peace.

You know pple from sg must learn to relax. It has never changed over the years. Somehow many sg pple just can't go thro a holiday without TV, DVD players, radios and some kind of electronic gadgets in hand. Damn sad.

Beach Resorts, for me, is being transported to another world altogether. No newspaper, no TV, no handphone just peace and serenity. Re-charge before you are thrust back into the animal world.

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