Musing of my First  

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7/20/2006 8:50 am

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Musing of my First

That day she was so fierce
So black her face
And then she said it
She had lost her purse
And a few hundreds besides that.
Her favorite purse
`Can you believe it!'
She was stressed
So fed-up with what had happened then.

I ended up massaging her
Can you believe that!
Spend up to 30 minutes or so
Just to soother her frustrations
Her aches within.

She had drank herself silly
The night before
Because of this purse she had lost
Apart from the hundreds that was the cost.

I know, I know what it feels like such loss
As if I have never lost anything before
I spoke to her these things
Whispered in her ears
Kissed her shoulders right and left
Up and down
Back and forth
Nibbled her ears.

She was not in the mood
I could see
But my fingers and my words
Soothe her pain
Soothe her ache
And I continued to work on her neck and the tensed muscles within.

At last it ws over
The time we had
She was more chirpy
And more relaxed as a result of my hands.

O My First
A strange relationship we have
She's moving to another place
She told me a change at hand
And I will follow her there
To continue as lover and friend.

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