Massage My Thoughts  

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6/30/2006 5:23 pm

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Massage My Thoughts

I started this out of need
The first few masseur included my First
And then one fine lady but blind
She made the pain at my back go away.

A wondrously invigorating experience
Said to drive the toxins away
Rejuvenates the body relaxes the brain
`O for a massage' at the end of a stressful day.

Last night I went to this place
Given a not so pretty face (sorry,I am a normal man)
But when she started to move her fingers on me
I thought `Ouch!' she is good with her fingers
She can and is soothing my aches.

I nearly dozed off with this deep tissue massage
An hour and a half it is just nice
As long as I am active this practice will go on
Last night's massage is helpful
My body is ready for `Tri'
It's now on song.

Of course every thing comes with a price
As long as I am able I will pay that price
But maybe I am pampered to say the least
Still a sportsman's body have it's needs.

I've gone for a session on Swedish Therapy
Wish I have someone to practice on
Maybe later someone here
Some woman who is willing, have no fear

I'm genuinely interested in practising this
Albeit to learn something useful and new
To give pleasure to others too
It's strictly work `No special' for you.

Since I am not certified
With little experience like a baby
I cannot charge a fee
But limited to a woman or two per week
To build my skills while giving free.

I dun need the money as of now. But it never hurts to have something useful and new that may feed my stomach one day. If I can do it well, which woman will be afraid of a harmless old man with skills? They are so open nowadays.

No, not a dirty old man no
Just an old man by then
Doing his last job on earth
And lastly it is for women only

Touching a man and being touched by them gives me the creeps. Probably due to my teenage and traumatic experience with a gay.

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