I Failed ?  

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7/3/2006 5:29 pm

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I Failed ?

Does it matter that others say `You failed'?

Mulling over this word for many years
Realised how much such words hurt
Made me dysfunctional up to here.
This word `Fail' need not mean a thing
Let others come and say `You Failed.'

Whose to say `I failed' because I do not meet my superior's goals
Whose to say `I failed' because I do not meet somebody's goals.
I always tried to do my best
My present position will attest
Nobody more reliable they'll find
Some have said `He's really one of a kind'
(The good kind that is)

Let this word `Fail' be one to forget
When we have evaluated we've done our best
And carry on life to do our part
In spite of all the hype and harp

I've come this far for something more
Than hear these words and let life stall
The choices I make at every bend
Are thoughts reasoned out as best as I can.

Never stall for words that hurt
As if man is perfect and no one erred
The road ahead we must be brave
Do our best -as always one should - and generate within ourselves some faith.

Be brave!
Be brave for what lies ahead
The choppy seas they come and go
Let's carry on further down the road
Not stalled along the way by somebody's words.

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