Humans are Adaptable  

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6/18/2006 4:02 am

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Humans are Adaptable

I keep asking myself why
Why I cannot move my First
And then the realization came
She has accepted long ago her fate.

It's nothing new I've said before
The only issue is that I did not catch on lol
That a human is adaptable
To situations whatever it may be.

Sex is a scary thing to a virgin girl
But when one has experienced it time and time again.
The woman can have that thing
It's called familarity and acceptance of fate
Learn to be adaptable to stay sane
Choose a path or let yourself be hungry each day.

I've read with sadness those human fate
Where women are trafficked for money in the sex trade
The men take turns on the virgin girls
Most of them after that nightmare break
And then they just accept their fate.

It's that factor call survival
There's nothing wrong with that itself
Because the other thing is do yourself in
In a situation where help is not with the present being.
So many humans learn to survive
And will do so for example if our jobs fail.
The weaker ones will take their lives
Younger women find ways to survive.

It is a reality that exist in this world
Many women in sg do not know this pain.
That is seen in place further up North
Or rather much further from our shores.
Where women use sex to ply their trade and Survive till they have enough or not of financial gain.

I have no answer even I know
If I had a million dollars where can it go
An education and a job are taken for granted here
In other countries it's never near.
And we are left to manage this world
Many greedy ones and good governments few
Inept in governing their people and land too
For the individual so little he can do

It's easy for the well off to adopt this way
Close our eyes forget the poor and needy here
Just carry on with our lives.
Because the fact is `That is not much that we can do.'
Does anyone here want this to debate ?

Enjoy our lives say `It's just their fate'.
Harden this heart that is soft of late.
I'm soft and naive I know it's true
Need time to think and accept this truth
As far as I can see reality is this
To accept the human need to survive indeed.

The starfish approach comes to mind
It makes me accept whom I can find
And no one is going to change because of what I say
Uless something concrete is on display
Cheap talk as they say is always cheap
Never more so than to one poor and caught in vice
There must be something much more
Something more for them to move on
Until then ...
And until then survive they have to manage fate .

It is their right to survive.
To do that something with their lives.
And risks is always part of it
But if you don't risk then how else can one live ?

Yes one can become cynical towards life
But I must manage this to survive
Or else depression can set in here
I'll no more be writing these posts I'm sure.

The Naive

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