Home Alone - the Continuation  

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7/20/2006 8:22 am

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Home Alone - the Continuation

It takes a special kind to stay alone
For after you are used to it
It may not be so fun
As some thinks it so.

They say that being happy alone shows you are ready for marriage
But as of today this Adam still waits for his Eve.

Being Happy Home Alone is not about activties
I can spend time just musing with the radio at `soft' on 90.5 FM.

Being home alone is good enough to spend time reflecting
Though life seems not so excitng,
Yet there is more than enough to ponder over from the past.

I find I observe more than before
I reflect as I see tired faces
Lonely, old and not so old people hanging around the ground floor.

I see and listen to sounds at market places and shopping centers
The bored and the animated faces
They are of interest in my understanding and search for life.

Conversations, body language reveals one's pre-occupation
I wonder why?
Why some things I see are part of life?

I think Alone makes me think of life
Much more than before
Now at this age where there is more knowledge at my door
Where emotions are stable and not so prone to stall.

Home alone typing this out `My thoughts'
Quiet is the night
I am thinking of my First.
How I wish she was here
Safe and sound in my arms
Away from your world
You, I would take.
Enclosed in my arms I would say
`You are safe.'
I would whisper in her ear these words
`With me, you are safe'.

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