HOT !@ It's very HOT@  

rm_Eric0072005 51M
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8/3/2006 10:29 pm
HOT !@ It's very HOT@

The weather is terrible. So very hot.
Once the rain comes and goes,
It sizzles straight up again.

Drink lots of water.
Barley water, Honey
And Chrysantemum Tea

Eat lots of fruits.
Especially Water Melon, White melon
Star Fruit and Kiwi Fruit.

Stay clear of Big MAC.
Fried Chicken Wings, Fried Carrot cake,
Char Kway Teow, BBQ stuff.

Cut down on Coke, Sarsi
Beer and Wine
Drink more Green Tea.

If you want to be in a good state during this inferno, these are my suggestions.

ALL the Best!

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