Fish Tank  

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8/1/2006 5:41 pm

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Fish Tank

This word was taught to mean a container where fishes are reared. I got to know about another place called a fish tank in Thailand about 20 years ago. To say the least I was not impressed.

You see I was on overseas duty and these guys organised a function at a fish tank. I have never been to one before. And this was only the second trip there when I stepped into one. I attached myself with the good guys you see. We click and we sought for Pubs and singers who use English and not Thai. You can find them although you have to walk a bit around town to locate.

Coming back to the Tank, I was surprised there was a eating area there. It was similar to a pub wiht a bar counter except that in place of the Bar counter, there is a large glass container. This glass container looks like a room except that it is glass. Similar to the glass displays along shopping centers except that in place of mannequins, there are live, breathing, soft beautiful ladies sitted on 3 levels. Each of these ladies have a number hooked on to their side like a Miss Unverse Contest.

I was only fascinated for a while. Soon to be replaced with disgust as each lady was selected by a male and escorted to an upstairs room. This was in full view of everyone. I can't believe this is present but it was. In front of my eyes. I prefer discretion. That's me.

I am no innocent now. Still ... there are limits. Sex is private whoever it is. But sigh ... what can I say. I have been over-exposed to such and you either accept it or turn away. Dun expect to change many things 'cos you can't. But maybe ... not absolute.

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