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9/3/2006 4:22 pm

Emotion is a component of what makes you and me human.

Without emotions we are no better than a robot. Without finding a place/context to express my emotions, I am no better than robots. And without finding the control over my emotions I are no better than an animal.

Examples -
1. When someone is in need, should not the emotions of sadness lead to sympathy? (Not pity please)
2. When I am angry at a reckless driver, should I not reign in the anger before it expolodes into road rage and harmful actions even death? Indeed I should.
3. When my First touches me, should I not respond out of love and care instead of ignoring her? Better to find another if I do such a thing. But then this will carry on if I do not know when to express love.
4. When we sing love songs, should there not be passion in our voices? Or should we sing with deadness in our tones? Might as well stop IT!

Having shared this, I must highlight that emotions can be false, emotions can be manipulated by bad pple, it can deceive us to the true picture of the situatiuon. We all need to conscious of this. We nee the other aspect of objectivity in life.

One good example is that of man and woman relationship. Those poor beings who jump from one partner to another do not, in my opinion, understand their emotions. They let themselves be driven mainly on emotions. This will get them no nearer true love.

Love to me, is far more than emotions. The issues of love is also about patience, considerateness, kindness, forbearance, gentleness, trust and acceptance to name a few areas. Feelings of love do go hand-in-hand with reason and understanding. Love is not just about feelings that come and go. If we see love this way, I am sure our lives are in a topsy turvy state.

Seek to talk to someone (not so emotional) if our emotions are stronger than we can handle.

The objective is to walk the balance path of life.

All The Best.

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