Don't Play In Your Own Back Yard !  

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7/28/2006 8:45 pm

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Don't Play In Your Own Back Yard !

This advice came from a masseur who did me in a Hotel as I related my Office fantasies to her.

It brought back memories of an affair I heard in another department. Seems like these 2 person were going at each other. Trust the man to be INDISCREET and brag about it to other male colleagues.

The woman was even ID to me as we were in the same buiding. Both were married at that time. One was a senior staff and the woman worked in a nearby department. Both were in their mid 30s at least.

I heard that the guy's colleagues advised him to drop it but he came back with the response
`Free bonk! Why stop?' Disgusting prick.

They were so unashamed that their public behavior was revealing. See how blinded by lust people can be. He even drives the woman from work to who knows where. Your guess is as good as mine. But no prizes that it will be a eat then bonk session. Go home later and say `Darling I have to work late.' DAMN ! Real sickos.

The point is EMA (Extra Marital Affairs) should be kept behind dark curtains. Wat does one gain to let others know sleezy behavior at the workplace? One's working relationship with others suffer as we are human beings with certain moral standards. (Yes, even though we may bonk girls outside of our work.)

Besides, doing it in your own backyard is definitely unconcealable. Your emotions and sex drive get the better of you and you start to touch here, touch there in proximity etc... That is why Married couples are posted apart.

We are at work. The work place is not a love nest, please. Unless it is a porn industry.

Terrible ...
wonder if they are both divorced?

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