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Divorce ...
This word does not seem to faze anyone nowadays. But the implications for society is great and greater where kids are involved.

Why did the two get married at first?
What makes some stick at it
And others just burst?
Did the two ever commuicate their fears and wants
Or marriage is just another contract
To be broken up with no tears.

Yes. I think nowadays
The generations are callous
Marriage is just a game
There's nothing great or eventful about it.
Care to think what such a society will bring?
I think I would rather go to my grave first
But likely to suffer the pain of grown children not properly own
Many displaying fits of anger and hurt.

The strangest tales are those who part
Married for more than 10 years
Can't understand this particular category where you think things are stable after so long
And familar with each other by then not young.

Coming back to today's group
Younger ones they are
Out comes the kid
Then some more years
And they call it divorce.
Hook up with another
Without a thought
SO it goes on and on
Just a merry-go-round.

Enough said
One post doesn't make a diff
But still I need to let off steam
On something that buggers me
The future of the world to be unfold

This is not applicable to those who Divorce under circumstances involving adultery, spouse beating and extreme unreasonable behavior.
If both can forgive and forget frequently apart from doing things together, it would be great.

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