A Trouble World - Society  

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A Trouble World - Society

More kids are born out of wedlock
More kids are rebellious these days
More teenagers are engaged in pre-marital sex
Morte kids are physically and sexually abused
More kids are less than emotionally secure
More kids are unable to transit from child to young adult and then on to adulthood.

More young people are spending more and saving less
More young people are gambling their hard-earned money away
More young people are putting off marriage till later
More young people do not spend much time at home and do not interact with their older folks.
More young people cannot socialise properly as a result of too much PC games.

More adults put themselves first intead of their child
More adults pamper their children and thus cannot control them later
More adults believe divorce in marriage is an option
More adults are having extra-marital affairs than before.

More old folks are left to fend for themelves
More old folks are appearing in destitute homes
More old folks are weighing the economy dwon unless they are alive and the young ones dun care for them
More old folks appearing now then before as the younger group grow smaller

Enough ... enough ..
These are facts.

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