A Sunday  

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8/13/2006 4:52 am

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A Sunday

Today woke at 5 am.
It was the NUS Tri at E Coast Beach and today is the first time I will go it alone. No partners. no buddies to accompany me. Met some familiar pple though.

Someone from my work place, from another dept. He was a first timer. A woman I met at the Registration Center 1 week ago. Another was a swimmer I met during the IM Swim Meet in May. Another lady a fellow swimmer whom I bumped into year at least three times a year at such meets. Then there was this married woman who gave birth 4 months ago in her second Tri for the year. She is in fantastic shape and really the `Go Get Them' type of woman. Nothing is going to stop her. Phew!

The event was not well organised. Instead of running 2Km , I ran at least 4Km. Where were the sign boards? This Caucasian was throwing curses at the organisers. Poor thing.

Very tired but had to go for Chinese Class. Fell asleep in bed before I started off. Half an hour late.

The lessons are moving into `deeper territories'. No more Han Yu Pin Ying. My dear Eurasian classmate is having it tough now not to mention we local Chinese who have forgotten at least 10 years of Chinese Education . More practice, more time rote learning is vital in lanugage study.

After strugglng with tiredness, I made an appointment for a Deep Tissue Massage at 5.30pm. Cannot take it anymore. The aches after this morning's event was bugging me.

Arghhh .. bliss as the masseur worked on my back and legs. Shiok (`shiok' means bliss) as my tired muscles were kneaded, pressed and stretched. O My.. for every day of aches, there can be one and a half hour of this experience is heavenly. I came out a new man!

Watching the Hulk now on TV. Grrrr..
The Big Green Man who said the famous words
`Dun make me angry. You won't like me when I'm angry.'
Yah... now we know.

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