A Sportsman - Edited 12/8  

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A Sportsman - Edited 12/8

I always dreamed of being a professional fooballer. I mean a `soccer' player to the yanks but it is called `football' here in sg.

Nothing sets the adrenalin pumping more than having a size 5 leather ball under your boot, playing against 11 other guys on a football field. Trying to outwit them, outrun them, out manouvre them in a chess like manner. But this with precision passing, subtle control, unexpected turns and twists and that killer shot on the turn that lands against the inside the net. GOAL!

I love this game!

It is more excitng then sex. It last longer than sex. 90 minutes to be exact for an average game.
It is healthy , burns your fat off, pumps your heart up and at the end, you talk and talk about the game as if it is the best game you ever played. HA!

I love swimming. Something about diving into the pool with a small cloth covering our private parts, feeling free from all other clothing. Something about doing laps up and down,up and down. `30 more laps to go!' Something like a routine but with conviction that this routine is vital for one's growth and development as a person.

Feeling like a fish cutting through water, holding your breath for 4 strokes or more before turning your head to catch air. Feeling sleek and strong each successive swim as you roll and push off from the wall upon completion of each length. Feeling exhilirated as you overtake various slower bodies. Not for anything but the joy in knowing you are powerful, you are strong, you have good techniques.

And at the end of the routine, feeling strong, refreshed, rejuvenated, raring to go and see my First for a good long massage to ease my aches that will built up. Including the burning ache in my loins which she will take care of.

To be continued - Running

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