Death is not an Escape  

rm_Epyoch1147 35M
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8/18/2005 11:05 pm

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Death is not an Escape

Almost died today...can't say I didn't want it to happen honestly...there was an accident at work where a chemical leak caused a fire in the building I work in...I was about 5 feet away when the leak occured. we had to be evacuated. if I would have moved 5 seconds later than I did. the fire would have engulfed me. I can't believe I actually considered it. I'm just glad that I got out of there when I did. I don't think death would help me. It would just hurt those I care about. I'll do what I always do when I get like this. Look for more women!

rm_Screw696969 41M/37F

8/19/2005 12:19 am

awww sweetie, why so down?


8/19/2005 2:42 am

Wow. I don't know what you are going through but whatever it is you must not be likeing yourself much to think that way. Why? Unhappiness or disatisfaction are typically the result of some unfulfilled expectation. I have known some serverly crippled people who were always in good spirits and happy, I think it is because they knew that this was a good as it was going to get, accepted it and found that they were now free of the burden of expectation. On the other hand I have known people who had wealth, health and everything going for them and they are miserable. I think its because they still expected more from life.

In the end which one is the true "cripple"?

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