Erotica Three  

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6/21/2006 1:49 am
Erotica Three

You open your eyes to blackness. Your bedroom is lost in complete darkness. Where's the light of the bathroom you always leave on, or the night light on the far wall. But there is nothing, you are blind and it occurs to you that something woke you up, some sound. You feel some one get into bed oppisite you and before the scream escapes, my hand covers your mouth and my words fill your ears. "Its me, lay back and spread your leg's ". "Yes Master", you reply. Your whole body is shaking now, partially out of the initial fear and partially out of excitement of my touch. You always sleep naked, you would never disobey me and wear clothes to bed, even at home , but now you feel naked. You feel the blanket as a weight and relish in the feeling of me throwing it off of you exposing you to the darkness. The first feeling of my touch hits you like a hammer as my fingers begin at your knee and trail the inside of your thigh running up to your pussy. Your smell fills the room almost immediatly. My fingers find your lips and part them. The feeling of my tongue on your clit sends a bolt straight through you. The feeling of it flicking at your nub, then licking up on side and down the other, has you on the verge in seconds. I stop, just as you think you'll explode and softly blow on you. My breath cools your moist pussy and drives you nearly insane. But relief and carnal desire slam through you as my fingers enter you. Your hips angle and buck as you take me inside you. I hook my fingers, roughly attacking your spot, and in a breath your cumming. Your head snaps back, your back arches and you are lost to the pleasure. I pull my fingers from you and penetrate you deep in mid arch. The feeling of my cock filling you sets you off a fresh and you cum even harder. I lift up your thighs, bringing them closer to your chest and thrust even deeper. The feeling of me inside you, filling you is intense. I reach under and around your thighs and grab your wrists, pulling you hard to me and restraining you as I begin to fuck you hard and fast. The "oh god" escapes you as you cum for a third time. Bearly able to move, the orgasm seems to rip from you and is nearly painful. As your body relaxes, the thrusts slow and stop. Your wrists are released and my cock slowly leaves you. You feel the blanket cover you and just before your eyes close you see me turn on the night light as I head towards the bathroom. Just before sleep takes you, you hear me click on the light and say, "Wherever you are, you are MINE". The bathroom window clicks softly shut, but you don't hear it. Sleep has you. Good night sweetheart.

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