Erotica One  

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Erotica One

He is waiting in the darkness for her. He’s dressed in black and is lost to the darkness and flittering shadows created by the few candles he has placed about the room. He sits with his eyes closed, deeply breathing, and waiting for her to knock on his door.

She gets off the elevator on his floor. Every step forward makes her stomach lurch and her heart beat faster. Tonight’s the night she meets him, fully submits to him, and surrenders herself for his use. His door is there, a few feet away.

The soft knock comes and he rises to greet her.

The door opens and there he stands. His bald head and broad shoulders make him look powerful, commanding, but not mean. And then he smiles and takes her hand.

He can see her relax the moment his hand touches hers. With a soft grip he leads her in and stands her in the center of the room, closing the door behind her. She didn’t dress to impress him, which makes him smile. He told her not to bother. She wouldn’t be wearing them for long anyways. She listened, which is good.

His hand leaves hers as he leaves her in the center of the room facing a chair. He sits down in it and looks at her with an intensity she’s never seen before, but very much likes.

“Undress” That’s all he says, and there’s no need for anything else. His eyes have already removed the clothes; it’s now only a matter of making it official.

She peals the clothes off, relishing their removal. She can see the collar, wrist and ankle cuffs, and blindfold next to him on the table. Her heart skips a beat knowing that is all she’ll be wearing till he decides he’s done with her. Her body is completely naked and open to his eyes, aching for his touch.

The smell of her fills him.

“Close your eyes”

She closes her eyes and bites back the Yes Master that wants so badly to fall from her lips. But he has not given her permission to speak, only to look at him and obey. She has waited to long for a Master, for Him, for His touch, to mess up now.

He stands up and takes one wrist then the other and fastens on the cuffs, then squats down and fastens on the ankle cuffs.

At last she feels the leather begin to encircle her throat as the thick three ring collar is placed around her throat. Her entire life s an uncertainty, but the collar releases all of that, she is free of everything but her submission to him. And as the blindfold slips across her face she knows there will be no other, there is nothing to decide or think about. She is his, for as long as he’ll have her. All the walls crumble as she slips in to the darkness of the blindfold. She is blessedly empty, unbelievably free, and his to command and use how he sees fit.

He takes the double snap from the table and connects her hands together behind her back. He tightens his arms around her waist, sliding one down her stomach and cupping her pussy. First he inserts one finger and then another finger and begins to gyrate softly. He softly bites her ear and shoulder as he tightens his hold on her stomach and begins to really work his fingers in her pussy.

She can feel the wetness drip out and slide down her leg. Her whole body is on fire. She leans her weight against his solid frame as her legs begin to wobble and weaken.

He begins to squeeze and torture her nipples. Her neck calls to his mouth and He begins to bite and nibble up one side and down another chewing hard on her ear lobes and shoulders.

He spins her around and in one motion lift hers off her feet and lays her down on her stomach. He spreads her thighs apart, her pussy and asshole gleaming with her juices and kneels between them.

He grabs the snap connecting her wrists and pulls her arms back, lifting her chest off the floor, and in the same moment and motion buries three fingers deep in her pussy.

Her cry of shock, pain, and pleasure escapes her before she can rein it in. She feels so grateful for his pain. Her shoulders are burning and her wrists are screaming. As the tears fall from her eyes, her orgasm slams into her.

He can feel her cum. Her snatch becomes so tight; she almost forces his fingers out. Slowly he releases the strain on her shoulders and wrist as he lowers her chest back to the floor.

She’s lost in the world of sensation her Master has created for her. She feels him disconnect her wrists and softly lower them to her sides. His knee brushes her thigh as he moves out from between her legs.

“Flip over”

She curses the weakness in her body, as it delays her from obeying him immediately.

He watches her slowly get into the new position and smiles at the quivering in her stomach as she strains to obey.

She first feels the roughness of his hands as he spreads her legs wide. His knee once again brushes her thigh as he moves between her legs. But it was different this time, and the difference instantly makes her pussy throb and ache, because this time his knee was bare, the touch, skin on skin.

His cock head slowly parts her lips and his hands find her breasts and roughly attack her nipples. He see her hands come up to caress me and he grabs both by the wrists and pins them to her sides and with one hard thrust he is deep inside her.

She can feel him, his cock slowly moving with in her, the weight of his body as he holds her wrists against the floor, the heat of his chest hovering above hers.

One long slow stroke after another and he can see he’s driving her crazy. Slowly he increases his speed until only his weight on her wrists is holding her in place. He pulls out and the look of loss is immediate upon her face.

She begins to whimper until his fingers replace his cock and find her spot. He begins to thrust with them hard and fast, hitting that spot each time.

The look of loss is quickly replaced with the orgasm she has so desperately wanted for so long and as it takes her. He pulls his fingers out and quickly replaces them with his cock and fucks her hard and fast filling her and making her orgasm seem to last forever. When her body settles he bends over her. He cups her face and kisses her then whispers in her ear


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