When the Student is Ready, the Teacher Will Appear  

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11/28/2005 10:55 pm

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When the Student is Ready, the Teacher Will Appear

Sunday night... ah, Sunday night. Sunday night brought the culmination of an escalating flirtation between myself and someone I knew on something of a casual basis. People who know both of us would be downright shocked to discover just how bad we both are. And while on a very subconscious level I had sensed an undercurrent of possibility there, I had never had an inkling of exactly where this would wind up.

What a pleasant surprise.

You see, in the course of one week, we went from a slight decrease in the subtlety of our flirtations, to a rather interesting (here's a value-laden word that I hate to use) relationship. And now here I sit, at his place for the second night in a row, as he drifts back to sleep in the bedroom after another lesson in the fine art of submission.

He hasn't yet agreed to "take me on as a pupil" per se. But he's taught me a trick or two, introduced me to some of his equipment, and begun to teach me some of the etiquette. Never having an orgasm without permission, sir! Never removing my own restraints unless ordered to do so. After tonight, I am always to be the one to fetch the washcloth to clean us off (him first, of course). I will grow to love the lash of the flog, the sharp slap of the paddle, and the day will come when the removal of the red leather cuffs will bring a sense of sorrow and loss. This he assures me, and this I believe. Not to say that we will ever be exclusive; I don't think that's in my makeup and I doubt it's anything he wants. Not to say that from now on I will only feel pleasure when there is pain. But he is opening a new world to me that I never expected I could enjoy this much, this quickly.

I stepped off a cliff, it seems, and stepped onto a cloud.

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