What a Weekend!!!!  

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11/28/2005 5:21 pm

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What a Weekend!!!!

This blog will be a long one, and deservedly so.

This weekend was my trip to Ft. Hood, kids in tow, to see my friend and his family. What I didn't mention before is that my friend and his wife swing. A few days before my trip, I find out through a mutual friend of ours that he has his wife's blessing to do me at the first opportunity. So we get there around 8 on Friday night, and the kids immediately go running upstairs to play. My friend, let's call him Pedro, is playing a card game with some neighbor kids and a fellow soldier who we'll call Hottie. Yeah, Hottie. Not a name, but accurate nonetheless. So anyway, Hottie and I start kinda bantering back and forth... flirting back and forth... drinking a little bit... and suddenly both very frustrated that my youngest not only will not go to sleep, but will not lay down upstairs with the other kids. Undaunted, he and I snuck touches and kisses on the couch while we tried to get her to sleep, and once she did, we went back to his place. Or rather, snuck back to his barracks, where I was DEFINITELY not supposed to be. And my GOD was it incredible... the things that boy (well, man-boy, he was only 23) did with his tongue before he finally slid in deep and hard... on black satin sheets. I'm hoping I get more chances with him; I liked him on every level. I even offered to return the favor and he said I didn't need to.

So the next day, Pedro asks me where Hottie is and I tell him I drove him home... later, Pedro's wife asks the same thing... and later still, Pedro corners me and asks me exactly what happened when I took Hottie home, so of course I told him I did him. He was duly impressed. A little while later, Pedro suggested I go upstairs to his bedroom and take a nap. A few minutes later, he snuck in, and we finally had our chance... with his wife's blessing, and with her keeping the kids from bothering us too much. What Hottie didn't require I do, I did for Pedro instead, who felt spoiled at being the first to cum. After a little time to work up to it, he finally slid deep in me, and it was everything we'd both been thinking about for months...

I almost even got another chance with the Friend I had first gone to see there for Veteran's Day, but that fell through. Just as well; two great experiences in one trip were more than I expected. And then Sunday night when I got home... well... we'll leave that one until I've made some progress on my homework...

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