What Will They Say, Monday at School?  

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12/9/2005 3:45 pm

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What Will They Say, Monday at School?

I'm a bad, bad girl, and I'm VERY glad that I won't see any of my classmates for a month...

Last night we had a fundraiser for the school, a night of music at a very tiny wine-and-beer bar that has a fabulous atmosphere. I went there with Ben. About an hour after we got there, Sir walked in the door. Keep in mind, this was actually planned. Or at least, Ben knew I had invited Sir (even lent me his cell phone to give last-minute directions on how to find the hole-in-the-wall place), and Sir knew that I was going there with Ben.

Well, Ben kept the PDAs to a minimum for most of the night, though we were awfully close. Due to the packed nature of the place, the fact that Ben was sitting on a barstool and I was standing between his legs, wasn't necessarily eyebrow-raising. A few of his little kisses were still not TOO untoward, though I'm sure the classmates scattered around the room, could tell that perhaps we are more than friends.

Then Sir came in. He stood to the other side of me, and also kissed me warmly in greeting... and we were also affectionate in general, soft touches on arms and hands, lingering looks and sly smiles... and anyone watching us could probably tell that perhaps we are more than friends. But you see, I was still standing between Ben's legs. And Ben was still being just as affectionate as he had been before Sir got there. So basically, I'm positioned between two handsome men, both of whom are quite affectionate and charming. Both of whom also kinda "worked the room" in that they were friendly to the people around us, had brief conversations with them and such. They were also quite comfortable with each other, and I know that each of them knows about my (here comes that word again) relationship with the other. It was odd, just how comfortable it all was.

Still, I keep seeing it how others must have seen it, and I imagine there are people now who will be looking at me in a WHOLE NEW LIGHT when next semester starts up!

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