Under Pressure  

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11/1/2005 6:05 pm

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Under Pressure

It's odd, really, how addicted I've grown to blogging... some nights (as you can see) I make two or three posts, and usually on those nights there are actually others floating around my head as well, waiting for their turn. Poor little blog posts! Other nights, like tonight, I can't think of what I want to say. I have an interesting story or two that I might choose to tell, or might just keep to myself. (I spoke to a friend the other day who commented that I seemed to be getting a lot of action lately - the action has been no more than usual, but the posting about it has.)

I also have a "normal" blog, and it's the same way there as it is here... I don't really like to go very long without posting, on either one. Here, I think it's more about wanting to be on the "recent posts" list often enough that people might start reading back to older posts. There, I have no idea of what my readership might be; there is no "counter" to indicate it, and not many people leave comments.

It's also crossed my mind, that there might be Friends out there with whom I've recently spent time, who might be somewhat hurt that I haven't posted about them as I have about others. Rest assured, it's not due to any lack of satisfaction. If I've had a good time with you, and if I still accept your calls/e-mails/IMs, then trust me, you were fine. The dates I've posted about recently... well...those had more to do with the overall experience. With the meeting or talking or building up to the action, or with connections on a different level. And then, there are the experiences that I don't want to share because there is something special about them that makes me want to keep them to myself.

So... I guess I had something to say after all. Might be more later, we shall see... I DO have an interesting story from the other night...

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