The Elysia, Ben, and Charlie Show, Part II  

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8/12/2005 5:37 pm

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The Elysia, Ben, and Charlie Show, Part II

Just have to share this little story of our adventures earlier this week. The story isn't even sexual, really, just very funny...

As some of you know, we were actually going to try and cam (and at some point, we will, once the laptop issues are resolved). And as any of you who've read my previous Ben and Charlie post know, one of the hallmarks of our adventures together is that we're all very comfortable together, we really have a good time, and yes, we laugh. A lot.

So the other night, we're at an hourly-rate no-tell motel, which of course has two porn channels, which of course we usually have on in the background while we're playing. For downtimes for all of us, or for when they're taking turns instead of sharing at the same time. I can't even honestly remember if this happened before we got started, or during a downtime, but we were all lying there naked watching the porn that was on. Oh... important plot point... I have a tendency to heckle porn, and apparently I'm not the only one.

This particular vignette involved a lovely lady lying naked except for a pair of stiletto heels, writhing and skimming her hands over her body all alone (not really playing with herself, just kinda caressing). And ladies, don't we all do this all the time? Most natural thing in the world... especially with the blinds open, and a man standing inside them wearing a leather vest, no shirt underneath, a hockey mask a la Jason Voorhees, and with his dick hanging out of his still-buttoned-but-unzipped pants. I'll give you a moment to get a handle on the visual.

Got it? Okay. So anyway, of course the story goes on and he steps all the way inside and approaches the bed. The woman appears frightened at first, but is quickly drawn to his raw sexuality. At least I suspect that was what was being conveyed, but this actress was roughly as convincing as a mound of dirt, though she was probably cheaper. Now, Ray Charles sees this coming and he's blind AND dead - the two of them proceed to get it on... with him never removing the leather vest even after he discards his pants, and half of the time the hockey mask stays on. The other half, it's not removed completely, oh, no. It's pushed back on top of his head.

At which point I turned to Charlie and told him next time we got together I'd bring my spike heels and he could bring a Jason mask, and Ben could be Freddy Krueger. Charlie said he wanted to be Freddy instead. Charlie is a tiny bit rougher in bed than Ben is (I really love the dichotomy there) and so I cautioned him that he'd have to be careful with those knife-fingers. By this time, of course, we were all giggling a little. Then, keeping in mind that we've previously discussed broadcasting and/or filming our time together, I said, "I can just see it now:'Well, Doc, it's kinda hard to explain how it happened. Here, why don't you just watch the footage...'" That's when things dissolved into mild hysteria for a few minutes... Damn, I love being with these two!

jimmy_j_76 40M
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8/13/2005 6:17 am

what? no tall man from phantasm, he has balls you know. and leatherface, you can bring one of those gas powered vibrators.

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