The Best Screams in Rock  

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8/10/2005 5:29 pm

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The Best Screams in Rock

Where do my blogs come from? A lot of them come from ideas and thoughts that strike me while I'm battling rush hour traffic. Today is no different, as I sat on the feeder road, car-dancing happily to "We Don't Get Fooled Again" by the Who. I decided, without a doubt (but probably because it was freshest in my mind) that Roger Daltrey, in that song, does the Best Rock Scream Ever. That got me marinating on rock screams. Only three come to mind, and I want input from the rest of you. These are the guidelines:

1) The band must be relatively mainstream rock. Preferably classic rock. Nothing obscure.

2) The song must be something that receives a reasonable amount of airplay, regardless of its original release date (i.e. the previous example of classic rock).

3) The scream should be musically relevant, as in, the song wouldn't be quite the same without it.

4) It has to be a scream, not a "woo" or a "whoa," and only a "yeah" if it devolves into unintelligibility, as in the aforementioned Who example.

Here are my picks:
The Who, "We Don't get Fooled Again" (or is that "Won't"?)

The Doors, "The End"

Guns N Roses, "Welcome to the Jungle" (introductory scream that sounds almost like a siren, and yes, it is an actual scream, or at least it was performed that way live)

And your picks are...?

NewJackSwing 43M

8/11/2005 12:59 am

This is such a tough question to answer because in the pantheon of rock music there have been so may very well known screams.

My choice would be (and as much as I hate to say this!) Robert Plant. I'm not the biggest Plant, Page or Zeppelin fan for that matter but he has had so many memorable screams.

The song: Whole Lotta Love

Why?: ( 1:24 - 3:01) The most memorable part of the song (besides the opening and chugging guitar riff) is the psychedelic soundscape created via tape effects and Plant's moaning and screaming additions stand out to me. Of all the Zep I can listen to this stands out most.

Honourable mention:

"Won't Get Fooled Again" the in studio cover by Van Halen as a B side. It doesn't fit the criteria you put out but I had to mention it. You thought that Roger Daltrey could scream .. well .. Sammy did Roger proud! A very fine cover by one of rock's greatest bands bar none!

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8/21/2005 9:49 pm

Ben Folds...Rocking the suburbs.

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