Sunsets and Corn Silk  

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9/11/2005 9:23 pm

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Sunsets and Corn Silk

So I have profiles on and, and every now and then I check to see if I can catch up with any old friends. Usually it's a bust, because I won't pay their exorbitant fees for the easiest ways to contact people. I'm not sure how I managed to initiate the contact I'm about to refer to.

A couple of weeks, maybe a couple of months back, I sent a message to a friend from high school whom I've only seen once since, not too long after I moved out here. It must have been the first year, when I was home for Christmas, or possibly that summer. We were good friends back then, and could spend hours talking on the phone, about not much of anything. I used to be the go-between, carrying letters between him and his girlfriend whose parents were overprotective. I also hung out a lot where he worked, since I was friends with roughly half the guys working there. Anyway, sent the message and then forgot about it - I've never had the world's best short-term memory. But sometime, I guess it was last week, I checked the e mail account I don't use as often, the one that is still attached to those web sites, and found a two-day-old e mail from him in response. So I sent another one back, and also gave him the e mail address I check daily.

So last week, I am pleasantly surprised to find an e mail from him. And Friday, I am VERY pleasantly surprised when our conversations start taking an interesting turn. Eventually, of course, my A F F activities come out, and we wind up having two very long cell-phone conversations that day.

Now here's what some of you won't expect from me at all. Sentimentality. I think I may have mentioned before the old friend who should have been my first - or maybe that was in my other, real-world blog. Either way. This guy isn't him. But the more I thought about it, the more I thought he could have been. Or maybe should have been? We were certainly wonderful friends, and I enjoyed the time I spent with him. I told him the other day that there is one thing about him I will never forget - how he called me from work one evening to tell me to look out my window, because there was a beautiful sunset that night and he wanted to share it with me. Now honestly, how many... let me think, at the time he must have been... how many 19-year-old guys do you know, who would do something like that? And to a girl whose pants he wasn't trying to get into!

Damn, I wish he had tried. He would have gotten there.

The other memory, that I didn't share with him (but that I imagine he might read here at some point) is one of the rare occasions when he was actually over at my house. That didn't happen often; my dad was a little protective, but one time... one time, I remember sitting on the couch, and this wonderful friend... I suppose I'd better give him a name for here, hmm?... Jack was sitting on the floor, sort of in between my legs but we were both facing the TV. Now, Jack had this gorgeous hair that fell a little below his shoulders. Blonde, the texture of corn silk, I knew girls who would have killed for his hair. And we just sat there watching TV, and I ran my fingers through his hair over and over, just playing with it endlessly.... Heaven.

Someday I hope to see Jack again, and I hope we have a chance to explore certain things that we weren't able to before. By now I think he knows there's not much I won't do with him. Still, even if that never happens... I will always have beautiful memories of sunsets and corn silk.

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