Rewards & Another Question for the Guys  

rm_Elysia2005 43F
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7/15/2005 4:58 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Rewards & Another Question for the Guys

Well... I am officially a Titanium Lifetime Rewards Card Holder. Beginning with my next order of discreetly shipped adult items, I can receive a FREE DVD EVERY TIME I ORDER... in addition to the ones that I already get free with every order. Hmm. Makes me wanna order. Hopefully the offer will still stand a month from now when I can afford it. I've had my eye on a few things...

So then comes the question. Many of the things I buy there are for me, just me, and nobody else but me. But I've discovered of late that some things I bought for me, I sometimes bring along when visiting "Friends". So... if you were my friend, what toys, novelties, etc. would YOU like me to bring along? And ladies, are there any that you would recommend, solo or with a partner?

Idunno135 33M

7/15/2005 5:59 pm

Well I like using a vib on a girl.. I'll say girl as I haven't been with a female I would say is a woman.

I like giving a girl long LONG forplay, make then cum as much as I can with my fingers and tools as I can. For many many years that's all I ever did. I never got anything more than some half assed jerking for it all. But I enjoyed maing women cum. It's become a fixation now.
Anyway. If they clean their ass or frankly don't care (I do), sticking it in their ass while fucking is interesting. vibrates everything. That's about as interesting as I have gotten so far. Oh just to be known, No way will I let anyone stick one up my ass. Sorry but it never interested me.

Hardcore porn is nice. Ones where women are very audible. I get off to women moaning and groaning.

A cock ring is all I have used so far on myself, not even sure I used it right given my lack of knowledge, and even then was only for masterbation.

Also, I'm curious. Ever had a "friend" visit you?

StoicEpicurean 40M

7/15/2005 7:39 pm

I love toys either using them on her or having her use a dildo on me.

Mccartney2003 38M
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7/15/2005 10:36 pm

Well I love using toys on a woman. Add's more fun and excitement to foreplay. Personally I love foreplay and watching my partner quake with extasy. It's fun.

NewJackSwing 43M

7/17/2005 8:37 am

That's a real good question ... I think the best toys I can bring are my lips, tongue and my hands!

I mean, how embarassing would that be to go to Houston and open my suit case and find toys there? At least what I would bring would be discreet! And maybe not have to declare anything too?

AmberSolaire 42M

7/18/2005 8:43 am

Makes me think-can you become addictted to toys? and the search for more and better ones to the point where you dont fully enjoy the ones you have?

rm_Elysia2005 43F
412 posts
7/18/2005 4:31 pm

LOL Y'all're gonna have to get more specific than that. And TomEboy, it's adam and eve.

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